In the last few years the Oracle Application Express community has been increasingly abuzz about the ability to create APEX applications for mobile devices.  Take a look at the schedule of your favorite Oracle conferences and if there are any APEX sessions available there will surely be one or more related to APEX mobile.

I've been contemplating for some time now about creating or adding mobile functionality to some APEX applications.  I know I'm going to have to invest a lot more time to get familiar with the "how to" of creating APEX mobile applications.  In this regard I've been introduced to the responsive design theme and the jQuery Mobile Smartphone user interface.  The nagging question in my mind has been:

For building mobile applications in APEX do I concentrate on building a single responsive page or building two separate pages based on the user interface?

Today it seems I got a little bit of clarification from no other than the APEX documentation.  In the Oracle Application Express Application Builder User's Guide (Release 4.2) is a section about Creating Mobile Applications.  Within that section is a good description of the differences between a mobile design and responsive design.  Also a few thoughts of how to choose which method to use:

You should base your decision on whether to build separate mobile pages or create a responsive design based on the type of site or application you are developing. For example, applications that will accessed by the general public, such as marketing sites, are well suited for responsive design. Productivity applications, such as customer tracker applications, are good candidates for building mobile pages where the native functionality of the smartphone can be utilized.

 Can you think of some other useful criteria to consider when choosing between mobile design and responsive design?  Let me know what you think.